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Freedom Starts Here! 

Welcome to Freedom Fitness - we do things differently around here!

We're Tu & Ky, two passionate fitness loving, nutrition gurus from New Zealand, who are determined to offer you a pathway to Freedom through our online Personal Training and Nutrition courses at Freedom Fitness!

We believe everybody deserves to feel free, especially around food and exercise!

Through our flexible online training's, you can set your own pace, choose the time, place and course, that suits you!

You are beautifully unique! So your training and nutrition should be too!

Life is complicated, getting fit shouldn't be. 

Find your Freedom at Freedom Fitness!

As a current Fit Ninja Club & Member this is what you get!

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You'll get unlimited access to...

✔ Over 4,000 + Live shot workouts of every style - and more added each week! (incl our bloopers!)

✔ Choose the intensity & the duration of your workout

✔ Design your own weight loss schedule that suits YOU 

✔ Pick the workout that suits YOUR mood each day

✔ Workout anytime, anywhere! Flexible online training means wherever your device goes, so does your training! 

✔Gym, or at home training

✔ Flexible training - don't like something, injuries, illness, lack of time, or just getting started? There is something for everyone here no matter your restrictions!

✔ Unlimited access to our specialised programs to target your problem area - including exclusive discounts on our famous Mummy Tummy, & Warrior Transformation Programs!

✔ Instantly receive our most famous Fat Burning Meal Plan FREE with every single membership!

✔ Finally find your right fuel, or trial these plans and find whats works for you!

✔ Exclusive discounts to our extensive range of 28 Day Meal Plans!

✔ Expert help from NZ's leading fitness duo Tu & Ky

✔ Live Q & A each week for members only

✔ All access pass to the Fitspo Video Library - full of the best tips, tricks, and advice from Tu & Ky from their 8 year experience in online health and fitness!

 ✔ Entry to "Ky's Kai in the Kitchen", a members only weekly vlog on modern day feeding a family on a budget 

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NZ's Most In-demand Fitness Duo

We'll teach you how to incorporate all types of fitness and strength training, from cardio, and pilates, yoga and weights, gym and at home routines, in fun, short routines to lose weight and tone up, while having plenty of fun and laughs along the way with our live filmed workouts.

Our Fitspo Video Library is the resource you've dreamed of - full of tips, tricks and advice from over a decade each in the industry!

We'll support you to reach your goals, with LIVE catch-ups, support forums, interactive workouts, and you'll be joining thousands of members around the world who make up the Freedom Fitness Family worldwide!


Each day you have the freedom to choose your workout from our vault of over 5000 workouts we've filmed LIVE in various locations around the world! From body weight at home, to yoga on the beach, to weights at the gym, chose arms, chest, back , core its all here! Whatever YOU feel you need that day, we have you covered!

You can even unlock one of our specialised programs and target your stubborn areas! You're free to choose, and choose again, each and every day, you'll find eactly what tickles your fancy at Freedom Fitness! Because around here, you have the freedom!

Meal Plans

Each member will automatically gain access to our most famous Fat Burning Rapid Weight Loss Meal Plan - used by thousands to drop weight and keep it off the healthy way!

You'll also be given exclusive members only discounts to add any other meal plan from our extensive repertoire, and lose weight while eating foods that are healthy, nutritious, affordable and quick to prepare! Shopping lists and weekly planners all availabe on our Keto, Low carb, Family, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Clean, Pescatarian, you're FREE to choose around here, and enjoy it at the same time!

It's about Freedom

How many days go by and you wish you were working out but cant quite get motivated for that run, or that heavy weights class today? Suddenly you cant remember when you last worked out, the days have all slipped by and you’ve fallen “off the band wagon” again. 

With Freedom Fitness, you will always find a workout that suits your mood. Some days we’re all about HIIT, other days we want to take it easy, so it's yoga on the deck, the next day we want a cardio blast, and the next we want weights at home! And we want to be able to change our minds with flexibility, maybe even half way through, or we want a double workout day!

Do you get bored easily and struggle to stay committed to the same program day in day out so never see the results your after?

How are we different then?

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Absolute Freedom

Finally under one membership, you can have total freedom to choose your workout and your meal plan, and always have just the right workout at your fingertips for the day! No more skipping days because time or energy levels or motivation wasn't there, at Freedom Fitness, every day offers you the chance to find your perfect workout!


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Make YOUR Active Lifestyle easy!

Being active and healthy is a lifestyle and a habit, we want you to know that showing up and choosing a workout, any workout, is the right choice! Staying committed to the practice and routine is so much easier with our fun interactive community, and live filmed workouts! So many choices, your will-power to be active and healthy and committed to this way of life is easier with Freedom Fitness!

Got a question or need some specific information? Use our interactive Fitspo Video Library full of our best tips tricks and advice from a combined 20 years in the industry!

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Sustainable & Maintainable Solutions for Health & Fitness 

Exercise is something you can do to love yourself in a world of rush, and stress, and overwhelm. Fitness should not be a punishment for a bad diet, or a poor body image, its time to learn how to honour your body with healthy sustainable and maintainable practices, train your body mind and soul, with the right education and choices for true freedom around food and exercise!

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