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Mummy Tummy 8 Week Transformation Program

Usually, $300 now only $99.99 for Members!  Welcome to our Mummy Tummy 8 Week Transformation Program! This is the first and most important phase of our 3 part THRIVE Program! We are really excited to be bringing you the best and most effective solution for targeting an issue so many of us mothers struggle with - the pouching, protruding, weak abdominal area! No matter how long it's been since you had your babies, whether they were born via c-section or vaginally, this program works! We’re going to be uncovering the reasons why so many of us after having children are left with the Mummy Tummy Bulge, how to address it, correct it, and strengthen the overall core area for a flat, tight, toned abdomen! Our Mummy Tummy 8 Week Transformation Program is designed to shrink all over body fat, and tighten, tone, heal, and restore alignment to your abdominals to give you a totally flat strong core - one you probably thought was impossible after kids! We target the core 3 x a week with carefully crafted routines (all 4 sets of abdominals, back, hips, and butt, as they're all linked and need to work together to get the desired flat toned tight tummy we want!) offering from beginners to advanced techniques so you work your way up as you progress. Two days a week we take you on a full body blast with our famous HIIT workouts! We use specifically designed moves, in special sequences, tailored carefully to burn fat fast, get fit, and strong, stronger as the weeks progress! We then go back to back rest days where we have webinars to watch to learn all about our bodies, fitness, health, nutrition, habits, beliefs and of course, get up close and personal with your Head Trainer Kylie Davis, mother of three kids herself, as we talk all things, Mum! Motivation, sex, alcohol, parenting and balance! Nothing is off limits here its real Mum talk at its best! Weekly we run a theme to train the mind to let go of unhealthy patterns and beliefs and create new updated, empowering ideas to really transform from inside with the outside! Average weight loss is between 5-25kg for the 8 weeks, and amazing measurement loss - just check out the photos I post! It's kinda amazing :) You receive our Mum Fueling Fat Burning 8-week meal plan of normal family-friendly and budget-friendly family based foods, 2 recipe books with over 100 fresh family-friendly recipes, you won't get bored with meals like creamy risottos and lemon baked chicken! You also gain access to our very own private support group page, where hundreds of like-minded Mums support each other and share their journeys, I hang out there daily giving tips tricks and advice, and you can even arrange meet-ups with other mums in your area! There really isn't another program quite like it out there - and with these amazing foundations in place after this 8 weeks you qualify to begin Phase Two - our Strong Mum Program that adds weights to the workouts at home, then Ultimate Mum, a weights and running schedule, and finally Elite Mum, the 12 month exclusive membership for an all-access pass for Graduates of THRIVE! You know we are building your strongest, slimmest, healthiest body yet!

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